2 Hour Tour

2 Hour Tour
From USD $650.00
  • Duration: 2 Hours (approx.)
  • Location: Coalville, Utah
  • Product code: 2hour
  • On our two hour tour you will dive into the dog sledding world as if you were a musher yourself! It will start with a learning experience of how to harness the dogs and learning about our different dog breeds. Afterwards you will get to harness the dogs, go for a longer tour, and unharness all the dogs after the run. This is the full experience with a longer tour as well as hands-on experience! Each tour will stop at the half way point to get out of the sleds, pet the dogs, and take pictures.
  • Not recommended for kids younger than 8. In our experience young kids tend to get too cold or it's too long for them. It all depends on the kid. We do NOT take anyone younger than 3 years of age on any tours.
Weight limit: 350 pounds (doesn't include the musher) per sled

2 hour tours are only offered at 3pm (Nov - March 14th)

Starting March 15, 2024 they will be offered at 8:30am due to the warmer temperatures in the afternoon

Call with any questions (435) 659-4706